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Dog Obedience Training

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Beginner Agility Training
Agility training is a fun way to bond with your dog and put his natural instincts to work. During agility class, the handler learns how to guide their dog through the course. The agility course consists of a tunnel, teeter-totter, tire jump, weave poles, pause table, and standard jumps. Agility training is great exercise for you and your dog. It can also help strengthen the bond between you and your dog. No previous training is required.

Level 1 Dog Obedience Training

Your dog will learn a variety of basic obedience behaviors such as loose-leash walking, sit, stay, down, attention, leave-it and come when called.  Additional topics will be covered such as potty training, nutrition, exercise, grooming, basic hygiene and how to deal with unwanted behaviors such as jumping, nipping, chewing, barking, etc.  No previous training is required.
Puppy Kindergarten (6 Months and Under)
In this AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Certified Program, your puppy will learn socialization and bite inhibition, which is essential between the ages of 8-24 weeks to make your puppy a well-rounded, socially acceptable dog.  We will cover basic obedience, sit, down, loose leash walking, etc.  We will discuss unwanted behaviors such as jumping, nipping, chewing, barking, etc.  No previous training required.

Scent Work

Sporting Scent Detection is the fun and competitive version of scent detection for narcotics, termites or explosives. The dog must locate a hidden target scent within an area and alert its handler to its whereabouts- this sport relies entirely on partnership and is a great way to learn how to read your dog all the while enjoying a sport that is based completely on instinct.

Barn Hunt
A barn hunt is a necessity for some dogs who live on a farm and have the job of keeping rodents away from barns, hay bales, and animal feed. A barn hunt event is a fun sport some dog owners engage in using rats, hay bales, and tunnels to test your dog’s agility and skill. The purpose of Barn Hunt events (or Rat sports) are to demonstrate teamwork between the handler and their dog. The dog must display his/her vermin hunting ability by finding and marking rats in a barn-like or field-like setting in which straw/hay bales are used. The handler must display their ability to read the dog’s signal.

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